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Indoor Training & Instruction Facility


Inside The Lines Sports (aka "The Farm") is Webster's premier indoor, fully climate-controlled baseball/softball training & instruction facility. Inside The Lines Sports was created with a vision to provide a top-notch training facility and high-quality instruction to all ages and experience levels, with the following philosophy in mind:

“Perfect Practice, Makes Perfect”

How we do things differently:
At Inside The Lines, we don't believe in "one size fits all" instruction. When you come to ITLS, we don't just focus on one area of the performance table, we focus on all 4 (mechanics, mental/emotional, strength training, nutrition). We strive on a daily basis to evaluate how an athlete ultimately learns, and therefore instruct to fit that specific athlete. We aren't in the business of creating robots. Each athlete is an individual - so we focus on one's individuality, all the while recognizing each of their strengths & weaknesses, working in conjunction to create fundamentally sound individuals with efficient mechanics specific to each athlete.

One major focus for us is on the kinematic sequence - In other words, "legs, hips, shoulders, arms, implement".
We continually look at movement efficiencies, including timing, sequencing, balance, posture, stride momentum (for pitchers), opposite/ equal, hip/shoulder separation, & release point (for pitchers).

You won't see us use gimmicky drills with a bunch of apparatus. We believe an athlete learns best by doing, completing the action. Yet done with an instructor explaining, demonstrating, the correct processes. The problem we see with overusing apparatus during instruction is the athlete becomes reliant on said apparatus. This then leads to a lot of guessing, questioning, and a lack of confidence when it is time to perform. We strive to provide instruction and information that is real and supportable, not just something someone says it is that way.

"Training young players will always be about providing methods,  information, and the tools that truly work, no matter the age or skill level. It is proven that winning is truly a by-product of the development of individual skills. Inside The Lines is 100% focused on not only providing young athletes with the knowledge to become the best ball players they can be but also to teach them how fun this game truly is”. 

~ Owner, Andy Broughton

We Offer: 

Baseball & Softball Instruction: We offer high-quality & effective instruction from highly qualified & experienced instructors. We cover all aspects of the sports. Instruction is provided in multiple modalities including, Private, Semi-Private, Classes, & Clinics.  

Facility Rentals: We have 55' cages & 70' pitching lanes available for rent. Available to both individuals & teams (baseball & softball). Long-term rental contracts are available at a discounted rates. All cage rentals include balls, a tee, & a L-screen.

Automated/Token-Operated Cage: We have an automated/token-operated pitching machine capable of throwing baseball & softballs (fastpitch & slo-pitch) at multiple speeds & uses real balls. 

Birthday Parties & Special Events: We offer packages for birthday parties & special events. Packages start at $300.  

Equipment & Product Sales: We currently sell baseball & softball equipment from the following companies, Demarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Wilson, EvoShield, etc at discounted rates. Membership discounts apply. 

Training Facility
Training Facility
Training Facility
ITLS "Clubhouse"
ITLS Exterior (Daytime)
ITLS Exterior (Night)
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